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Your Solar Electric System

  • 96 LG NeON2 Panels
  • Expected Annual Output: 31 kW
  • The project will have a solar electric (PV) system installed on the roof-tops that is projected to generate more energy than consumed annually by the condo units, making them “energy-positive”.
  • The roofs will each have 48 solar modules made by the popular electronics manufacturer LG.
  • The energy from the system will feed the condo association’s public electric meter.
  • Extra energy credits will be assigned to each of the condo units proportionally to their size and energy use.
  • Each of the unit owners will get a comprehensive proposal sheet summarizing the value of the energy savings, tax credits, and clean energy incentive payments that their share of the system will provide to them.
  • Benefits of solar include significant energy bill savings, reduction in condo fees, and knowing that you are getting clean solar power for your home.

Please visit http://sunbugsolar.com/homeowners for more information about the solar PV system.

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