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Project Overview

Project Overview

E+ Homes at Highland St. present an opportunity for homeowners to enter 21st century living in a highly sustainable, ultra-energy efficient, urban infill home that is healthy, handsome, and convenient.  Located in the sought after Fort Hill neighborhood of Roxbury, the Project consists of two (2) duplex homes designed as a traditional Georgian Colonial and its companion Carriage House.  The Georgian Colonial includes two (2), side-by-side, 3-bedroom, 2-1/2 baths, 1,306 SF (+/-) units, with a shared 513 SF (+/-) unfinished basement. The adjacent Carriage House includes two (2), 2-bedroom, 1 full bath units of approximately 1,116 SF and 858 SF. The smaller unit is on the first level and the larger unit is on the second level.

These new homes are intended to provide superior comfort, indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and modern living in close proximity to work, play, recreation, and community.  The homes will include such attributes as:

  • Super-insulated building enclosure with:
    • 12” thick, double stud walls enclosing dense pack cellulose providing R value of 44
    • Attics with foam and cellulose providing R values of 60
    • Basement will have exterior wall R value exceeding 20 and under slab insulation exceeding R10
    • Windows will be triple glazed and argon/krypton gas filled for R values of approximately 6
  • Advanced mechanicals for heating, cooling, and domestic hot water:
    • Heat pumps will provide super-efficient heating and cooling on each level of the house.
    • Hybrid electric heat pump hot water heaters will provide domestic hot water and de-humidification.
    • Continuous duty heat recovery ventilation fans (HRVs) will efficiently keep the air fresh and healthy by exchanging the energy in stale exhaust air with new, filtered fresh air.
  • Energy Positive:
    • A robust solar photovoltaic system aims to provide more energy to these buildings than they consume in a year of operation, leaving extra energy available for fueling an electric vehicle!
    • Combined with the miserly energy needs of the buildings, homeowners might expect a credit on their electric bill most every year.
  • Energy Tracking and Smart-Home Options:
    • As part of the City of Boston’s E+ homes program, each unit will be connected to an energy monitoring system that will provide homeowners access to their live and historical energy use data. Home owners will be able to view their energy use over time and compare their use with others participating in the E+ program.
    • Each home will also be wired for and easily upgraded for modern conveniences and connectivity such as personal device charging stations, internet and cable TV connections, and remote control of thermostats, entry systems, etc.
  • Durable and Healthy:
    • Quality, durable materials and building best practices will assure that materials last a long time and require little maintenance, decreasing the buildings impact on the environment, keeping the building and site looking good, and saving the homeowners money.
    • Materials with low and/or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) will help avoid health risks from product off-gassing and deterioration.
    • Indoor Air Quality monitoring devices will be included with premium package.
  • Water Conservation:
    • Both the house and the site are designed to conserve water
    • Plumbing fixtures are all water savers
    • Storm water is carefully managed to re-charge the ground on-site and minimize soil erosion.
    • Landscaping consists of species that are native to the New England climate, drought resistant and hardy to withstand the regions winter weather.
  • LEED and Energy Star Approved:
    • These homes are intended to attain LEED Platinum status, the highest level of Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED) ranking offered by the US Green Building Council (USGBC).
    • The project will also meet Energy Star Prescriptive Path II, the highest level of performance under the US Energy Star program.
    • Living Building Challenge Eligible if occupants want to lead a net-zero lifestyle!
  • Urban infill, no-hassle, cool living:
    • Walkable community
    • Near public parks and gardens
    • Plenty of public transportation
    • Parking for your electric vehicle

LEED Platinum

Energy Star Prescriptive Path II

equal opportunity logoThe developer reserves the right to make modifications and changes to features and finishes, materials, design, specifications, and floor plans without notification.